Free Privacy Eraser

Free Privacy Eraser 3.0

Erase all sensitive traces of computer usage


  • Easy to use
  • Enables you to add new elements to the list
  • Support for scheduled cleaning sessions


  • Lacks some important programs
  • No backup or undo: be sure of what you delete!

Very good

Whether you're aware of it or not, your computer keeps track of all your movements: files you open, websites you visit, downloads, IM chats... almost everything is recorded and stored on your hard drive, from where it could be easily recovered with the appropriate tools.

Luckily there are also specific software utilities that help you get rid of all these sensitive data. One of them is Free Privacy Eraser, a simple yet efficient cleaner that removes all usage tracks from your computer.

Free Privacy Eraser, previously known as Internet Privacy Eraser, works with the most popular programs: web browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox), IM clients (MSN, Yahoo!, Skype and others) and Microsoft Office, among others. While there are still important programs missing (such as Chrome or Safari), the great thing about Free Privacy Eraser is that you can add your own apps to the list by using the Custom Lists tool. The program also supports scheduled cleans, which enables you to get rid of sensitive data automatically according to a certain period of time.

After you've selected the elements you want to erase, Free Privacy Eraser runs a preview that lets you check how many files will be deleted and how much disk space you'll gain. If you agree with the list, click on Clean and all selected elements will be wiped forever. Bear in mind though that you need to be sure of what you're doing, as there's no way to undo the action and the program doesn't create a backup copy either.

If you're worried about all the sensitive data your computer stores when you use certain programs or browse the Web, use Free Privacy Eraser to remove it in a snap.

Free Privacy Eraser


Free Privacy Eraser 3.0

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